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DEAR EMELIA is a website blog template designed with Showit and compatible with Wordpress for digital entrepreneurs — bloggers, content creators, and anyone making a personal brand for themselves online. This design features multiple opportunities to showcase all your different channels in one place so your audience can find you and follow along, as well as an integrated Mailchimp form to start growing your email list. Get all the benefits and capabilities of a Wordpress blog without the need to heavily invest in a developer or a designer for custom branding. Inspired by a modern, sophisticated, and clean take on the light academia aesthetic, Dear Emelia comes "pre-branded" for those whose style leans into the words classic, timeless, and neutrals. There's zero code required — just follow our comprehensive library of step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and tutorial resources to smoothly set up and launch your website. DEAR EMELIA was created to help get your website easily up and running and to take your journey as a blogger or online creator to the next level.


+  complete user
    guide with:

+  sticky search

+  free pop-up
    template + tutorial

+  sticky subscribe 
       follow pop-up

+  free coming soon
    landing page + tutorial


+  Home
+  About 
+  Contact
+  Blog (LIST)
+  Single Post - A
+  Single Post - B
+  Blog Category (template)
+  blog tag (template)
+  blog search (template)
+  Blog 404



What's Included

creams, Beige, Tans, Browns



Brand Personality

15+ TUTORIAL VIDEOS to customize your site

easily update with a visual editor (code free!)

pre-branded with free fonts and custom css

grow your email list and audience

blog with the power of wordpress

tailored for online creators + bloggers


Key Features


Follow the PDF's link to access your Complete User Guide/Tutorial Library. Follow the guide to add your design, customize your site, and launch!

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how it works

You're looking to grow an online personal brand or business as a blogger or content creator and want a centralized digital space for all your various endeavors.

You'd like to utilize the abundance of resources, options, and capabilities Wordpress offers for bloggers — without getting into any code.

You don't want to spend the weeks or $$$ it can often take on custom branding and/or websites.

You want to set your brand apart by elevating your online presence with immediate professionalism and credibility.

You prefer to DIY and have the flexibility to customize the site to your own liking (with a visual editor).

You like learning through step-by-step guides and walkthrough video tutorials.

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